Easy clamping with just 1 wrench

The cutting tool can be clamped or unclamped easily and securely with just 1 wrench. Extremely good repeatability and runout accuracy are guaranteed.

Runout accuracy less than 3μm

High precision runout accuracy within 3μm at 4D.(center alignment repeatability within 1.5μm) High runout accuracy improves the workpiece surface finish and extends tool life.

Integral sleeve construction

Compared to the two-piece structure sealed with O-rings, the BIG Hydraulic Chuck gains stable precision and high rigidity. Further, the runout accuracy is greatly improved by short projection length and the dual oil pressure points.


Standard / High Rigidity Type

Clamping Rangeø6 - ø42

For high precision machining in automobile parts, die & mold, etc.

Jet-through Type

Clamping Rangeø4 - ø32

Securely supplies coolant or oil mist to the tool periphery.
Delivers outstanding results with high accuracy finishing in 5-axis machines.

Super Slim Type

Clamping Rangeø3 - ø12

Slim design eliminates interference.Ideal for high precision 5 axis machining.


Clamping Rangeø3 - ø6

Amazing runout accuracy within 1μm at 4D.
The ultimate precision hydraulic chuck.


Clamping Rangeø3 - ø12

NEW innovation for CNC automatic lathes.
Easy to change tools even inside a machine with limited space, using a single wrench.