Reflecting the Customers' feedback, we will support the Manufacturing World

Delivering high-quality products truly delight customers.
This is our continuing philosophy since BIG DAISHOWA was founded in 1967.
Delivering the high precision product, based on the experience and
know-how accumulated as the Total Tooling manufacture, and combined
with the state of art equipment are installed newest factories
and logistic center, we will pursue to develop the high value
added product and support the Manufacturing World.

High Accuracy & High Quality

For customer of the high precision is required, by the use our original developed production control system, both the high precision and the productivity are achieved.
Finished product are severely inspection by the high precision measuring device.
Only the quality guaranteed products are marking and packing to deliver to customers.

New Technology

The leading company of Tooling manufacturing has many experiences and know-how and, addition to fully using the unique analyzing system, we are development to innovational product.


In the logistic center, over 1.5 million items are stocked to deliver around the world.
State of art system are implemented in the each section.
Pursuing the thorough efficiency, speedy and accurate delivery system are achieved.

Attentive customer service

Our own the sales offices located in Europe, USA, China Thailand and Business partner of all of world have been built up the Global sales network.
You can touch and feel the performance and quality of our product in exhibitions as we are actively joining them around the world.