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To maintain the accuracy of the system, do not use collets or nuts produced by another company with the chuck body of BIG's Mega ER Grip. Also, it is not possible to reach the original accuracy if collets and nuts made by BIG are used with other conventional chuck bodies.

The test bar clamped by Mega ER Grip is measured at 5xd

BIG's Mega ER Grip can provide repeatable performance by assembling the precision ERC collets with it's chuck body and clamping nut, resulting in complete harmony of the tool holder assembly.

High precision nut with built-in thrust ball bearing

The ball bearing tapered raceway inside the nut eliminates any torsion where the collet and nut makes contact. This results in a smooth and stable collapse of the collet around the tool and provides for high accuracy and clamping force. Additionally, the slot-free outer diameter increases the rigidity of the nut itself and also prevents vibrations at high speeds.

Simplification of the nut tightening
operation with the Mega Wrench

The one-way clutch of the Mega Wrench tightens the nut firmly and securely by applying even torque to the outside periphery of nut.
The ratchet function greatly helps to simplify and speed up the tightening operation of the nut and prevents injury to the hands of the operator.

Precise coolant supply to the cutting edge
(Perfect Seal)

Mega ER Perfect Seal is available for 2 ways of coolant supply:

With “Through Tools”, coolant is supplied from the coolant holes of the cutter (such as drills) and “Jet Through” directs the coolant around the cutter periphery (such as end mills). Both methods can be adapted with the same Perfect Seal nut according to the desired use.

High rigidity body that increases
the contact area of the collet

By increasing the contact length of the internal taper of chuck bodies, the undesired overhang of the collet is reduced. This modification of the standard improves 3 of the most important requirements for the collet chuck (rigidity, runout accuracy, clamping force). (Conventional DIN collets can also be used.)

High precision pre-balanced body

The unbalance of the drive keys in the steep taper and HSK tool shanks is reduced to a minimum by a pre-balancing operation. (Big Capto tool shanks are also pre-balanced) The tool shanks also include tapped holes around the periphery so that precision balancing can be performed with balancing screws.

BIG's dual contact “BIG-PLUS®” as standard

All steep taper shanks are produced in accordance with the BIG-PLUS® dual contact system for taper and flange contact for the possibility to obtain much better performance. BIG-PLUS® has obtained world-wide patents in 1992 and it is now adopted by most major machine builders world-wide. Chuck bodies with a wide assortment of projections are available for ER Grip to answer your application problems and maintain optimum tool length.