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MEGA SYNCHRO Tapping Holder
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MEGA SYNCHRO Tapping Holder

Unique feature to compensate for synchronization errors.

Improves thread quality and tool life by reducing thrust loads caused
by synchronization errors up to 90%.

Wide variation of 49 bodies and 203 tap holders

Various combinations of body and tap holder offers ideal projection lengths for any machine.

Load to tap
* Measured by Kistler dynamometer

Spiral grooves on spiral tap cause loading in the reverse direction, similar to an end mill.

Spiral Tap

Comparison of surface finish

Tapping of exotic materials tends to cause a compressed burr on the thread surface. BIG MEGA SYNCHRO compensates for synchronization errors and minimizes cutting load. Fine surface finish of threads is achieved.

Comparison of Surface Finish

New series for smaller and larger taps

<For small taps> M1-M3

Eliminated synchronization errors and minimized dynamic runout at high speed provide stable thread quality and extended tool life.

For small taps
<For large taps> M20-M36

Compensation for synchronization error eliminates heavy thrust load of large diameter tapping.

For large taps